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Redefining the Status Quo of Financial Literacy in Today's Youth.


Enactus is a community of entrepreneurial leaders that use business to address social issues. 

EduQuo is the newest project undertaken by the Concordia chapter. Founded in 2019, the Enactus team hopes to continue empowering our youth through financial literacy education for years to come!

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Our Mission.

Create workshops that apply textbook topics but in a more approachable way for students, focusing more on understanding the impact of your decisions on your future self. Most financial literacy teachers who are new to the role have limited experience teaching the topics, so we aim to provide our resources, from presentations to assignment guidelines and grading rubrics. Thus, by alleviating some of the pressure of planning an annual curriculum, we believe the teachers will focus more on teaching quality content through simulation-styled assignments.

Our Goal.

Introduce detailed simulations created by EduQuo (taught by teachers) that will help the students recognize the present or near-future applications of the material being taught while also providing them additional resources to help create templates of possible tools for their future endeavours.

Our Vision.

Financial literacy education was reintroduced at the secondary level in 2017 by the Quebec Ministry of Education. However, lack of resources and clear evaluation criteria for teachers has made delivery of the curriculum vague and inconsistent. It is EduQuo's belief that to foster better understanding of the topics, progress has to be made in the curriculum so that all students, regardless of secondary institution, have the same opportunity to learn.


EduQuo offers a variety of resources for teachers and students to choose from a list of topics based on their interests and academic needs. 


Consumer goods and services.

We teach youth about the economy, introducing topics of consumption, debt, savings, and purchasing power. In addition, students learn how to create basic budgets for expenses while saving for the future, with the goal of improving their familiarity with their financial well-being.

Entering the workforce. 

As students complete their secondary education, we focus on planning for further education and entering the workforce. The workshop focuses on the students critically evaluating their plans for the near future upon graduation and developing useful techniques during the job search and hiring process.

Investments and the power of saving.

Our investment workshop focuses on essential investment acumen by popular demand from students. A critical component covered in post-secondary prep is financing tactics and instruments at students' disposal. To effectively do this at the high school level, we introduce them to the different instruments at their disposal, from safest to riskiest methods.

Take the first step and secure your financial future.

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